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How To Connect With More People


Get Better Results on Linkedin.

  • Including information on

  • Setting Up Your Linkedin Profile.

  • Managing Your Linkedin Profile in less than 15 Minutes a Day

  • Using Linkedin as a Search Engine.

  • Connecting with 100's and Even 1,000's of People in Specific Industries.

  • (Including a proven 'Intro message' you can use to invite people to 'Connect' with you)

  • Linkedin Do's & Don't's.   

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How To 'Crank Up' Your Facebook Results.

  • Including information on

  • How to Reach More of The Right People By Refining Your Targeting.

  • Using and Setting Up a Custom Audience.

  • Expanding Your Reach with A Look A Like Audience. 

  • What To Post on Facebook.

  • Where to Find Posts and Quotes That You Can Use Daily. 

  • Facebook Do's & Don't's.   

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How To Make Social Media Work Better For You.

  • Including information on

  • The Difference between Facebook, Google +, Linkedin, YouTube etc.

  • How Different Social Media Platforms Can Be Used For Business.  

  • The Key To Success on Social Media. 


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How To Get More Testimonials.

  • Including information on

  • How to Easily Get More Testimonials.

  • How to Clients to 'Want' To Give You Feedback. 

  • A Sample Feedback Form You Can 'Tailor' To Your Business and Use. 

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Follow Up & Increase Your Sales.

  • Including information on

  • Why You Should Follow Up.

  • What Is Lifetime Client Value and How Important Is It To Your Business?  

  • What Happens If You Don't Follow Up. 

  • How to Improve Your 'Follow Up' Strategy To Get Better Results. 

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Client Satisfaction Survey.

  • Including information on

  • Constructive Feedback Can be Good For Business. 

  • How to Impress Your Clients Leading Up To a Client Satisfaction Survey.

  • A Sample Client Satisfaction Survey That You Can Tailor to Your Business. 

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Close More With a Personal De-Brief.

  • Including information on

  • How Does a Personal De-Brief Help You Get Better Results. 

  • How to Recall and Improve Those Areas You Know Need Working On.

  • When Is the Best Time To 'Note' What Your Should Improve.

  • Sample Prospect De-Brief Follow Up Form.

  • Sample Personal De-Brief Follow Up Form.  

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Your Online Profile


Your Online Reputation

  • Including information on

  • Why Is Your Online Profiling So Important To Your Business.

  • How To and Where To Manage Your Online Reputation.

  • What to Look Out For To Keep Your Online profiling in Good Shape.

  • How to Receive 'Alerts' Than Can Effect Your Online Reputation.